About us

1980s - Humble Beginnings

Fresh out of trade school, with a burning ambition to set up his own business, Mr. Godfrey Cassar founded Casaform back in the early 1980s.

Frida Cassar who has been involved in the running of the business since its humble beginnings, explains;

"Throughout the years, every penny my husband and I had was invested in the company. From one garage we slowly enlarged our workshops and subsequently our display space. It was tough as our family grew with the birth of my two sons, Rudy and Clint, but business developed steadily and we always enjoyed the trust of a good clientele"


2009 - The Family Business

Today Rudy and Clint are grown adult men and both hold a stake in the family business. Both are skilled carpenters and business-minded individuals who want to continuously expand the family business. In a time of strong competition, it is invigorating to see that Casaform stood strong in its resolution to keep true to its line of specialization - the crafting of fine custom-made furniture.

The company produces all types of furniture including kitchens, bedrooms, wall-units, dining rooms, vanity units and other loose furniture items. Casaform specializes in custom-made furniture.

Casaform also provides a wide range of chairs made up of different styles and materials (both classic and modern) which are also supplied to complement standard designs.

Being so flexible means that Casaform can cater for practically all sorts of woodwork requirements in interiors - doors, balustrades, staircases, bookshelves, showcases, and a lot more !.


2012 - Present and a bright Future

As one roams around the newly built & spacious showroom in Zebbug, it is easy to appreciate the high level of finesse in the fine detailing of Casaform's furniture, the meticulously executed carvings and the well-fashioned craftsmanship that went into the making of every single piece of Casaform's hand-made custom furniture.

The company employs seasoned carpenters who work to client needs and this mixture of talents certainly helps to bring about the best products.

Frida Cassar explains, "Over the years we have come across many different clients. The ones who are especially intriguing to meet are men who have been carpenters all their lives and who are today retired, yet still come to us to have their own furniture made by us. They also recommend us to family and friends without hesitancy. Since we've been in business so long, we've also come across situations where the original clients were newly-wed couples who are presently helping their own children set up home and recommend us.

They know that our furniture stands strong and firm through the years and want their own children to enjoy the same kind of product reliability as they did.

For them the furniture they purchased from us was certainly well worth the investment. Business is mostly done through word of mouth which is ultimately the best promotion one can get."

The company has other individual practice habits that see clients being served by the same person throughout the whole buying and fitting experience. From the first phone call or the first visit to the showroom, through to the delivery and after-sales care required, clients get to deal with the same one person so that there is no confusion, no mix-ups and all-round peace of mind. Mr. Cassar says, "We have made this one of the stalwarts by which this company functions. This way the company functions better. Our clients appreciate the personal attention that we provide. That is certainly how Casaform has managed to keep steady business going over all these years."

Mr. Cassar finishes off by saying, "We have big plans for the future of Casaform, but our main focus is and will always be to craft beautiful high-detailed robust furniture that will stand the test of time so that it is used and appreciated by families and individuals for years to come."

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